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Make your Caesar go from Zero to 180 Real Quick!


One Eighty Sports Pub offers artisanal meat from the family’s butcher business: pepperettes, thick-cut smoked bacon, as well as house-made pickles. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as your booze, your fixings, and even your rimmer comes with multiple options.


Order all the toppings – at which point, it would be called a Butcher Shop Caesar: Thick cut double smoked bacon, kielbasa, beef jerky, and a pepperette make up only half of the jaw-dropping garnish. This meal-of-a-drink also comes with old Cheddar, jalapeño Havarti, triple cream Brie, pickled asparagus, a spicy bean, dill pickle and olives!


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The Food Network and The Globe and Mail both have weighed in on our Caesar concoctions and the results are in: We’re a BIG hit!

12 Craziest Caesar Cocktails from Coast to Coast

Since National Caesar Day is on May 19th, we thought what better way to celebrate than highlighting some of the most epic variations you can find at Canadian restaurants. From full-on burgers and fresh Nova Scotia oyster toppings to bacon-infused vodka, these 12 restaurants are taking the classic Canuck cocktail up a notch — or 10!

Hail Caesars

When it comes to cocktail garnishes, there are two distinct schools of thought. The minimalist camp holds that a garnish should only ever be used if it adds a dimension to the drink’s flavour. Those on the other side of the debate use garnishes to make a statement. And lately, when it comes to the Bloody Caesar, that statement seems to be go big or go home.