Steak Stones

Cook your steak at your table, exactly as you like.

ONE EIGHTY steaks are served on heated natural volcanic stones for cooking at your table. The high temperature of Steak Stones sears your steak quicker, locking in the natural flavour and enhancing the tenderness of your cut. The unique “dry cooking” method uses no added fats or oils and sears the steak without burning. It ensures a clean and completely natural food flavour that isn’t achievable by conventional cooking methods.

Enjoy every bite as hot and delicious as the first.


  • 10 oz New York Strip
    AAA Black Angus striploin aged a minimum 28 days. A delicately marbled boneless cut, from the loin.
  • 8 oz Tenderloin
    AAA Alberta striploin aged a minimum 28 days. Tender & lean with a buttery flavour.
  • 8 oz M9 Wagyu Sirloin Cap
    Australian raised Tajima Wagyu. Superior marbling that will melt in your mouth.


All cuts served with roasted potatoes & seasonal vegetables.


  • Béarnaise Sauce, Red Pepper Demi, Compound Butter or Caramelized Onions
  • Braised Button Mushrooms
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